Personal Bill Pay

Our Online Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills easily and securely.

Pay your bills online — for FREE!

Our service features an easy-to-navigate portal with built-in security. Online Bill Pay will help accurately schedule payments — both electronic and checks to be mailed.

Personal Bill Pay Options Personal Bill Pay Demonstration

With Online Bill Pay from First Bank and Trust, you have:

  • Guaranteed on-time payment delivery for properly submitted payments
  • Flexible payment scheduling
  • Payment history of your paid bills
  • Easy capability to change or delete scheduled payments

Check out our demonstration of the new Bill Pay service.

Simplify your monthly bill paying with Bill Pay. Now you can pay all of your bills online. It's really that easy!

The guaranteed on-time payment delivery offers two options for scheduling a payment:

  1. 2 business days for electronic payments, and
  2. 5 business days for a mailed check.

As the calendar is set up to schedule bills to be paid, the system will show your required lead time. For each bill being paid, both the “send on” date (to schedule a payment) and the “deliver by” date (the date the payee should receive your payment) will be shown.

With Bill Pay, there’s no need for stamps or envelopes. Plus, there are no limits on the number of bills you can pay each month. You’ll be saving time and money every month. Sign-up with First Bank and Trust for Online Banking today.

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