We are dedicated to safeguarding your personal and banking information.

Our first level of security is the online enrollment process and your password selection. We also use security features that operate during your online session, and finally, we monitor each login and its data to verify the source of the activity is from you.

Access ID and Password

Your Access ID and password form a link that allows you to access your information at only. These combine to form an encrypted identity that allows us to verify that you are operating from your computer. To prevent unauthorized access, it is very important to keep your Access ID and password confidential.

Built-In Security in Online Sessions

After you sign in for Online Banking, you are protected by encryption of your confidential information and personal account data as it is transmitted to and from our Online Banking website. Today, our computers utilize special Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when transmitting data on the internet. This means there is a private session that only you and the First Bank and Trust system can understand.

You can tell when you are in a secure “SSL” session on your computer. When you see a ‘locked’ security padlock icon or an ‘unbroken’ key on the bottom of your screen, you are in a secure session.

Account Applications on Our Website

You can fill out applications for deposit and loan products on our website. The submission of this information is through a ‘secure forms’ module where the information is encrypted and provided with full security during submission. We ask you not to email this information but to apply directly through our secure website.

Email Communications with the Bank

We have just described significant ways in which the bank creates secure protection for you to transmit personal or financial information over the web. A reminder — email is NOT a secure means of communication. DO NOT tell us your confidential data such as account number, Social Security number or any other personal information.

When you contact the Bank through email, please tell us your general situation and how to contact you. We will contact you to discuss the situation.

First Bank and Trust will not ask you to send confidential information to us in an email. If you think you are being asked to do this, do not cooperate. Call the Bank and let us investigate the request.