Electronic Statements

Sign up for Online Banking with E-Statements and avoid paper clutter.

E-Statements are an online version of your traditional paper statements, with a few added benefits. E-Statements are available for up to 12 months after you enroll, which means you don’t have to worry about storing all your papers and keeping track of every statement you receive through the mail.

Let FBT do the work for you by keeping track of your statements online in a safe environment. Enrolling in the E-Statements program means you never lose your documents since they’re always in a safe place. Free yourself of a cluttered workspace — get rid of paper statements!

E-Statements also minimize the risk of your statements being lost or stolen, reducing chances of identity theft. When you get a new E-Statement notification in your email inbox, log into your Online Banking account to securely view your statement over an SSL connection.

Coupled with Online Banking you can take control of your account and manage your money the right way. To get E-Statements, log in to Online Banking and follow the prompts. Still don’t have Online Banking? It’s easy — enroll now.

Enroll in eStatements today to avoid fees for paper bank statements