Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Lock In Your Rate for a Guaranteed Return2

Invest your funds in a First Bank and Trust CD. Lock-in your rate for terms from 30 days to 5 years (see chart below). Plus, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of FDIC insurance. Additional terms may be available for business accounts. See our personal page for regular and special terms that may also be available for businesses.

It’s easy to open an account, make your selection today.

Certificates of Deposit
Account Overview Short-Term Long-Term
Locks in your rate for the term of the investment 1 Month (7–31 Days) CD 18 Month CD (18 to 23 months)
Features and Benefits 3 Month (32–90 Days) CD 2 Year CD (24 to 35 months)
Terms are available up to 5 years

Minimum balance to open a CD is $1,000 (unless stated otherwise)

Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually1

6 Month (91–180 Days) CD 3 Year CD (36 to 47 months)
9 Month (181–364 Days) CD 4 Year CD (48 to 59 months)
1 Year CD (12 to 17 months) 5 Year CD (60 months only)

1 You may receive interest at maturity if the CD term is one year or less; for CDs with a term of 1 year or longer, the interest must be received at least annually.

2 Balances are insured up to the applicable FDIC limits. A bank associate can provide you with detailed information about FDIC insurance or you can learn more by visiting https://www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits/faq.html.