Business Cash Management

Take a look at some of our important specialized services that are available
for your business.

Time is Money

Maximize the productivity of your money. Minimize the time it takes to manage your funds. And add efficiency to your business banking with cash management services.

First Bank and Trust offers cash management options to tap into your information, make decisions and improve your cash flow. Our business bankers will work with you to tailor the services you need to meet your company’s financial goals.

Cash Management Choices

Description of Service
An electronic system used to transfer funds between banks allowing businesses to pay others An electronic transfer of funds Electronic sharing of your check register of all written checks with the bank so that the bank only pays checks listed in that register — exactly to your specifications
Create your own entries to fund
  • direct deposit of payroll,
  • electronic tax payments (state and federal) or
  • payment of pre-authorized electronic invoices to save time and money
Move your money faster by transferring funds securely via domestic or international wires to or from your accounts at any bank anywhere for same day availability Receive additional security from check fraud in discovering checks and payments that are unauthorized to clear through your firm’s account. Any exceptions are reported to you, so you can instruct us to pay them or not
Connect directly from your PC through the secure online connection to the national electronic payments system Initiate through Online Banking Online notification and exception reporting via email
Security and Control
A secure way to move money electronically Receive electronic notification of incoming wires Check number and amount issued from your records are matched with the checks presented for clearing so only the positive matches are paid