Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Lock In Your Rate for a Guaranteed Return

Invest your funds in a First Bank and Trust CD. Lock-in your rate for terms from 30 days to 5 years (see chart below). Plus, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of FDIC insurance.

It’s easy to open an account, make your selection today.

Certificates of Deposit
Account Overview Short-Term Long-Term
Locks in your rate for the term of your investment 1 Month (7–31 Days) CD 18 Month CD (18 to 23 months)
Features and Benefits 3 Month (32–90 Days) CD 2 Year CD (24 to 35 months)
Terms are available up to 5 years

Interest can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually

6 Month (91–180 Days) CD 3 Year CD (36 to 47 months)
9 Month (181–364 Days) CD 4 Year CD (48 to 59 months)
1 Year CD (12 to 17 months) 5 Year CD (60 months only)
For a limited time, FBT is offering special rates for customers interested in opening a CD or IRA. Accounts must be opened with NEW MONEY not currently on deposit at FBT.

Minimum deposit to open GROW FASTER CDs or IRAs is $5,000.
12 month term – 1.40% APY

18 month term – 1.50% APY

24 month term – 1.70% APY
15 Month CD or IRA
15 month CD or IRA currently requires the opening of any FBT personal checking account with qualifying Direct Deposit. Checking account must be opened with new money not currently on deposit at FBT. Qualifying Direct Deposits are deposits from an electronic ACH paycheck, pension, or government benefit (like Social Security) from an employer or the government. Direct Deposits do not include deposits made by an individual such as via online banking, account transfers, or a payment provider such as Paypal. If you close your checking account or fail to establish and maintain Direct Deposit during the entire term of your CD or CD IRA, the APY will be lowered to the APY then being offered at the time of account opening if Direct Deposit was never established or to the date it was discontinued and / or your checking account is closed. Customers who have closed their accounts in the previous 90 days or with a negative balance are not eligible. 15 month term

Renews into a 12 month CD

Special Rate and Term

Limited time offer

Individual Retirement Accounts
Indivdual Retirement Accounts are available on all CD terms from 12 months to 60 months.
Minimum Deposit $1,000 minimum on all CDs and IRAs except for Special Offers – See product details

Maturity Notices are sent on all CDs / IRAs prior to renewal.

You may receive interest at maturity if the CD term is one year or less; for CDs with a term of one (1) year or longer, the interest must be received at least annually.

Balances are insured up to applicable FDIC limits. A bank associate can provide you detailed information about FDIC insurance.

If CD funds are withdrawn prior to maturity, an early withdrawal penalty will apply and reduce earnings.

If IRA funds are withdrawn prior to maturity, an early withdrawal penalty will apply and reduce earnings. Individual Retirement Accounts are governed by federal tax laws and distribution penalties may apply if you withdraw funds from your IRA. Check with your tax or legal advisor.

For a complete description of our service charges and fees, please review our Fee Schedule.