Overdraft Services

First Bank and Trust is pleased to offer our customers a choice when it comes to overdraft services for your checking accounts.

It is always best to prevent overdrafts from happening but mistakes do happen. You may choose to participate in any of our programs that work best for you or choose none at all. It's your choice! Before making a choice it is a good idea to review the information below and our Overdraft Policy.

Overdraft Service Options

Option 1* Option 2 Option 3
Automatic Transfers from a First Bank and Trust or Money Market account, Checking or Savings account Overdraft Privilege Opt In for One-Time Debit Card Transactions
This option links your First Bank and Trust checking account to a savings or money market and will transfer funds automatically when your checking account does not have enough funds to cover your transactions. If you write a check, authorize a payment or withdraw cash when there isn't enough money in your checking account, we will transfer available funds automatically to your checking account to cover the amount. Be sure to keep enough funds in your linked savings or money market account for transfers. First Bank and Trust offers Overdraft Privilege to our customers for checks, bill payments, ACH payments and reoccurring debit card transactions. This is an Opt Out Program. If at any time you would like to discontinue participating in Overdraft Privilege or would like more information, contact Customer Service at 1-877-426-2498 or one of our local branches. As of August 15, 2010, changes to the regulations for Overdraft Services have changed. In order for First Bank and Trust to pay a one time, everyday debit card transaction, you must give us your consent or Opt In to the service. As with our Overdraft Privilege Program, you can change your mind at any time by notifying any branch location.
  • Peace of Mind
  • Saves Money – Can help avoid NSF fees and return check fees from merchants
  • No enrollment or annual fee
  • Saves Money – Can help avoid return check fees from merchants
Please contact a branch office to Opt In today.
$7.00 per automatic transfer

First Bank & Trust will determine the amount of overdraft fees or returned item fees based on the total number of items presented during the previous 12 months including the current day.

$35.00 per transaction presented when there are insufficient funds in the account $35.00 per transaction presented when there are insufficient funds in the account

How to Avoid Overdrafts – Partnership between you and your bank, First Bank and Trust

Even though the unfortunate happens from time to time and overdrafts do occur, First Bank and Trust is providing you with services and information to help protect yourself from reoccurring overdrafts.
  • Review your statement and correspondences from First Bank and Trust as soon as you receive them. Reviewing these documents will help you keep track of your balance and help prevent costly errors in the future. Receive Online Statements and you will be able to review your monthly transactions sooner.
  • Set up Account Alerts. We will send you an e-mail when your balance reaches a certain limit.
  • Enroll in Online Banking. Check your balances 24/7 to monitor your accounts.
  • Use Direct Deposit of your payroll or government checks. Your funds will be available to you immediately and you don't have to wait until you can make a trip to the bank.
For more on how to efficiently manage checking and savings accounts, visit the FDIC Website.

* Savings and money market accounts are limited to 6 withdrawals each monthly statement cycle per Regulation D. Automatic transfers are included in the 6 withdrawals allowed. Each transaction that exceeds the 6 allowable transactions in a statement cycle will be charged a fee. The maximum number of paid and/or returned items fee is 6 per day at a rate of $35.00. First Bank and Trust allows a consumer to be overdrawn up to $3.00 without assessing an overdraft fee.

If an account remains overdrawn for more than 5 days, First Bank and Trust charges a continual overdraft fee of $32.00. This fee is assessed every 5 days the account remains overdrawn.