Mobile Deposit

Online Deposit

Mobile Deposit allows you to use your smartphone device and take a picture of a check and send for deposit.

Deposit Checks Electronically Right From Your Mobile Phone

Make Deposits Anytime!

Enjoy the convenience of making deposits electronically 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, even on the weekends and holidays. You can make deposits from any location using your smartphone.

Easier Access to Your Money

You can access your deposits with the same ease as accessing your Online Banking.

Less Travel

Electronic deposits can reduce trips to your financial institution, saving travel time and fuel costs.

Save Time

Preparing deposits electronically is fast and easy, freeing up your time for other tasks.

Reduce Risk of Check Fraud

Faster check clearing allows you to react sooner on returned checks, significantly increasing your opportunities for collection.

Mobile Deposit is Safe and Secure

Mobile Deposit integrates with the FBT Online Banking security system. The hardware, password and multifactor authentication used for online banking also protects your Mobile Deposit transactions.
  • Is Mobile Deposit for You?

    Do you:

    • Receive checks for deposit?
    • Make deposits after normal business hours?
    • Hold checks until you find time to make the deposit?
    • Already use Online Banking?

    If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you
    may benefit from using Mobile Deposit.

    Easy to Use

    Log into Mobile Banking.

    Check the system requirements at right to make sure your phone qualifies.

    Prepare the deposit.

    Endorse the back of the check(s) you are going to deposit as normal.

    Submit the deposit electronically.

    Within the app, you will be asked to enter the amount of the check you are going to deposit. Enter the amount of each check individually. Then, you’ll be asked to use your smartphone to take a picture of the front of the check, then the back of the check. When the quality of the picture has successfully verified, click ‘Submit’ and your deposit is sent to FBT.

    Funds are deposited into your account.

    Electronic check deposits are processed on normal business days (generally Monday – Friday, except holidays) until 3:30pm Central time. Electronic checks received before 3:30pm Central on normal business days will be processed as if they had been received by an in-person bank teller. Electronic checks received on non-business days or after 3:30pm Central time on business days will be processed on the next business day.
  • Mobile Deposit System Requirements:

    • You must be enrolled in Online Banking.
    • You must have already registered for FBT Online Banking through the website before attempting to use the Mobile Banking app. Download and install the First Bank and Trust Mobile Banking app through the iTunes or Google Play store. There is no charge for the app but messaging and data rates may apply. Note: only smartphones running Apple IOS version 7.0 or higher, or Android smartphones running version 4.1 or higher, are supported. Apple iPad devices running IOS version 7.0 or higher are also supported

To learn more about Online Deposit visit our Online Education Center or contact a banker to get started today!